Aerial Rendering

Greywater Collection and Filtration Diagram

Eastern Elevation Rendering

Developed Eastern Elevation

Entrance to Clubhouse

Golf Teebox Axonometric


Office Project, 2013
Grimshaw Architects - New York, NY USA
Site: Van Cortland Park, Bronx, NY USA

As part of the city’s infrastructure development, a new water treatment plant was to be constructed in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx, at the confluence of the Croton Watershed. Due to its location within a public park and on the site of an existing golf course, the treatment plant was designed with a green roof driving range.

Package 4 included the design of a clubhouse wrapping the perimeter of the treatment plant. In order to illustrate the process of natural water filtration, a series of water cells filters greywater on site to be used for irrigation on the golf course and driving range.

The clubhouse incorporates class curtain walls and wood paneling and mullions to accentuate connections between the indoors and nature. As the building peels away from the treatment plant, corridors, joint lines, and lighting follow the layers created.

My roles in this project were on Construction Documents, drafting and coordinating with lighting, MEP, and landscape consultants.