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Conceptual Proposal

Marine Transfer Station

Office Project Proposal, 2013
Grimshaw Architects - New York, New York, USA
Site: New York, New York, USA

In order to better distribute waste disposal throughout New York’s five boroughs, the city embarked upon development projects for Marine Transfer Stations within Manhattan where waste would be shipped to landfills. The Gansevoort Marine Transfer Station was to be located within a highly urbanized and visited area of Manhattan, within the Meatpacking District and a few blocks away from the High Line and the new Whitney Museum. As a result, the design of how to handle city waste was of critical importance. Proposing the facility to serve as an asset within the community instead of a liability, our proposal would celebrate the process, creating a facility that would be highly design and visible.

In addition to the facility itself, the proposal included turning part of the site into a waterfront pier where people could witness the architecture and become more aware of the way the city functions and how waste is handled.

I worked on concept development, sketches, and diagrams.