Benches along Highway

Previous Conditions of Site

Proposed Design Incorporated into Improved Sewage Management System

Pedestrian Bridge and Plazas

Office Project, 2010
Gestión Ambiental - Asunción, Paraguay
Site: San Lorenzo, Paraguay

The site of a polluted stream along an important throughway near the main Coca Cola factory in Paraguay was chosen by the company as an ideal location to focus a cleanup effort and to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining the local water network clean. A pedestrian footbridge across the stream and community plazas were designed to bring a stronger sense of ownership of the place by community residents. The pedestrian bridge, to be built by the Paraguayan Ministry of Public Works, crosses the stream while the plazas wrap out from the bridge, hugging the stream with modular benches made of corrugated metal and wood to provide resting places and shade from the sun.