Downtown Villarrica with Lots and Constructions

San Juan Bautista with Lots and Constructions

San Juan Bautista with Neighbourhood Divisions

Teaching Computer Applications and Deducing Legal Property Documents

District Plan of Limpio

Property Measurement and Property Document Inspection

Urban Mapping in 3 Districts

Office Project, 2010
Gestión Ambiental - Asunción, Paraguay
Site: Villarrica, Guairá, Paraguay
Site: San Juan Bautista, Misiones, Paraguay
Site: Limpio, Centra, Paraguay

Two regional cities (San Juan Bautista and Villarrica) and a suburb of Asunción (Limpio) were selected to participate in a development program to establish urban planning programs within each district’s city hall. The projects consisted of surveying the existing urban infrastructure of the cities and subsequent graphic and numerical introduction into computer systems within the respective city halls. Collected data would be used for accurate property tax collection corresponding to land value as well as the economic and historic value of constructions within the property. Data would also be applied to planning practices to effectively deliver city services to different neighborhoods and develop informed guidelines for subsequent city growth.